Hi. I'm Jennifer.



Coming from a musical family, becoming a musician herself was only natural for Jennifer Holm. Musical expression was greatly encouraged and having the opportunity to be surrounded and mentored by industry professionals nurtured in her a powerful artistic presence - vocally, musically, and lyrically. 

Jennifer's professional music experience began, unusually, in the recording studio. Her excellent pitch is a gift and skill greatly appreciated by engineers, making their job notably easier. Jennifer got started by singing lead vocal demos at the age of 17 for songwriter and worship leader Paul Baloche. This led to sessions for local artists and eventually the opportunity to record her own music at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, Texas.

Though her studio experience began at 17, Jennifer began exploring the art and craft of songwriting at a much earlier age. At 13, she picked up a guitar for the first time and wrote her first “song”. It took years to really develop the creative aptitude and technical skill to write well-crafted songs, but by the time she began recording at Rosewood, Jennifer had enough to start an artist demo.

In the process of recording her own music, she had the invaluable resource of not just more recording studio experience and exposure, but also songwriting feedback and artist coaching. It was there that Jennifer Holm the artist started to take shape.

There was interest in Jennifer from management and record companies, but it wasn’t the right time. She went on to attend and graduate from college, worked a few “real” jobs, got married, bought a house, had a child, all the things you’re “supposed” to do. Music had taken a back seat to real life, but only to the outside. Jennifer continued to write, filling countless notebooks with songs about love, loss, true stories and fictional ones; songs about life. Jennifer released an independent EP in 2011 titled The Things We Say, a compilation of songs demonstrating her versatility of style musically and lyrically. 

After a long but not unfruitful hiatus, Jennifer just finished her new EP, called Gravity, to be released February 2, 2018. 



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