Ugly stuff & sweet stuff

Two weeks and recording for GRAVITY commences. TWO weeks. It still feels surreal. Honestly, I go back and forth between doubt that I have something that anybody wants to hear and feeling empowered to share on a nitty-gritty level in a way this album does.

There just isn't enough authenticity anymore. Social media helps us put on a pretty, put-together, perfect face that just isn't real. Sometimes real sucks (I've seen it all in the last week- chronic illness, divorce, loss, disaster. You name it.) but if we only are given or give the opportunity to connect with people on the surface pretty stuff then what a lonely existence that is. Right? Because then the joy that comes with making it out on the other side alive isn't as sweet when no one knows the journey it took to get you there. 

That's the duality of life - the ugly, hard stuff makes the beautiful, sweet stuff even more so. 

Anyway, can't wait to share about some ugly stuff via good sounds with you. HAHA! :) 

- JH


Photo by Hannah Higgins Photography