And just like that... Gravity is done. 

Well, not just like that. It took a lot of work. Most of it, I didn't even do myself. It was sent to mix on Thursday last week and I could not be more pleased and proud and excited. I was in Nashville last week putting the last little bit of "oops" and "aaahs" on a couple tunes and listening back to everything to make sure all was as it should be. 

It is. It's better than it should be. Maybe that's just the "glass half empty" in me. When I started this process, half expecting that it wasn't going to actually happen, I had songs and maybe half a vision. I knew I wanted to execute what was in my head and in my heart, but couldn't really put into words what that looked like. 

That's what producers are for. Kenny took a conversation, a handful of songs, my thoughts about what I wanted this album to be and then helped me make it a reality. My vision is now a 6-song EP chalk full of guts and grit. 

 I know I've mentioned this at least a thousand times, but Gravity is not a worship album. It's not particularly a happy one and that is intentional. I want to make music about the real life stuff. Maybe the stuff people don't necessarily want to talk about. The hard stuff. The stuff you only share with your inner-circle people. Why? Because I'm tired of hearing about people walking through stuff alone, feeling like they're alone, like no one could understand. It's not true. Keeping it a secret isn't brave. 

Gravity quickly morphed into a concept album telling the story about a relationship in the process of crumbling. Humans are relational people so its easy to tell and understand stories about relationships. It could be about anything really. Recognizing something is slipping from your fingers, losing it, giving up, moving on, then deciding to fight. Anything worth keeping is worth fighting for. Fighting HARD. Isn't that what life is? Figure out what's important to you, what makes you better, what makes you you and fight for it. 

That's what this project is to me. I spent a lot of time letting other things/people influence what should be important to me and putting the things that really mattered on the back burner. I'm fighting because I'm not quite me, certainly not my best me, when I am not writing and singing and using my gifts. 

I'm rambling. So much so that I forgot where I was going with all this. If you made it this far, bravo. You'll probably most enjoy the songs coming for you. Ha! 

Release date coming soon. 


Jen Holm