Endings & Beginnings

A lot has happened since September 24 and my last update. 

The last time I updated, I was waiting. I'm not good at that. And then, something magical happened. I resolved to not try and control every. little. dadgum. thing. Something even more magical happened when I did that. Everything worked out, just as it should. 

Go figure. 

Gravity is done. I got the masters right after Thanksgiving. We wrapped up the artwork shortly after and ever since I've been trying to manage my to-do list with getting it set up with the distributor so you can listen to it come FEBRUARY 02. That's right. I even have a release date. You can preorder it now, though. 


So, in the finalizing all things Gravity and trying to do all the other things (life, am I right?), with a husband who travels for work, and an ultra active toddler, we also decided it would be a good time to move... because I'm insane. 

We have tried to move at least three times - feeling like where we were wasn't where we needed to be. But each time something unexpected (divine) happened and all the doors closed. So we stayed, knowing that if we were supposed to go somewhere else, the time would come. 

Well, dang did the time come and boy, did things ever happen fast. We decided in August to get our house ready to sell, listed it in September, and it sold in two days. During my husband's busiest two months of playing and traveling ALL YEAR, we packed up our house and moved back to East Texas where we grew up and have been living with my in-laws while we look for a house. 

We're moving to Nashville, ya'll. My husband said it was as if the yellow brick road appeared and all the doors flung open wide once we took that first step. As easy as it sounds, when you begin a new season you still have to close the doors to the last one. We miss people. We miss things like our favorite brunch place, the coffee shop on the square I used to go work at on Monday mornings, our church. 

But man, are we excited for this new season. As scary as it is to start over, there's a lot that is exciting about it. A new home, new friends, new church community, new brunch places and coffee shops...  I'm grateful for how smoothly things have lined up and worked out (so far). So, if you're the praying kind, pray with us for continued provision and ease of settling in. 

BRING. IT. ON. 2018. Let's do this. 


Jen Holm