Endings & Beginnings

A lot has happened since September 24 and my last update. 

The last time I updated, I was waiting. I'm not good at that. And then, something magical happened. I resolved to not try and control every. little. dadgum. thing. Something even more magical happened when I did that. Everything worked out, just as it should. 

Go figure. 

Gravity is done. I got the masters right after Thanksgiving. We wrapped up the artwork shortly after and ever since I've been trying to manage my to-do list with getting it set up with the distributor so you can listen to it come FEBRUARY 02. That's right. I even have a release date. You can preorder it now, though. 


So, in the finalizing all things Gravity and trying to do all the other things (life, am I right?), with a husband who travels for work, and an ultra active toddler, we also decided it would be a good time to move... because I'm insane. 

We have tried to move at least three times - feeling like where we were wasn't where we needed to be. But each time something unexpected (divine) happened and all the doors closed. So we stayed, knowing that if we were supposed to go somewhere else, the time would come. 

Well, dang did the time come and boy, did things ever happen fast. We decided in August to get our house ready to sell, listed it in September, and it sold in two days. During my husband's busiest two months of playing and traveling ALL YEAR, we packed up our house and moved back to East Texas where we grew up and have been living with my in-laws while we look for a house. 

We're moving to Nashville, ya'll. My husband said it was as if the yellow brick road appeared and all the doors flung open wide once we took that first step. As easy as it sounds, when you begin a new season you still have to close the doors to the last one. We miss people. We miss things like our favorite brunch place, the coffee shop on the square I used to go work at on Monday mornings, our church. 

But man, are we excited for this new season. As scary as it is to start over, there's a lot that is exciting about it. A new home, new friends, new church community, new brunch places and coffee shops...  I'm grateful for how smoothly things have lined up and worked out (so far). So, if you're the praying kind, pray with us for continued provision and ease of settling in. 

BRING. IT. ON. 2018. Let's do this. 


A lesson in patience

Hello friends. 

Gravity is still being mixed. That's good! (This is me also trying to convince myself.) He's taking his time and ensuring he's producing great quality work. Although, I do wish it was happening quicker. BUT, I did get a preliminary mix back on one of the songs and it's DOPE. It both eases the anxiety and makes me more antsy because I'm so excited to hear more!

These final steps are sometimes painstakingly slow. Hiring an outside expert is both good and bad because you're paying for quality but also you're the mercy of their schedule and project load. I think I said this in my last post. Or all of them. 

In the meantime, there's a lot of other things to be done to get this project in your hands. On top of that, we're selling our house and moving and working and playing music and writing music and raising a two-year old and just generally trying to keep our heads on our shoulders. 

Thank you for your patience. I'm trying to be as well - I'm so beyond excited. 

So, while you wait here's what you can do: 

  1. Go buy Miller House's music. :) Kenny Davis, who produced mine, also did theirs and it's just so good. You can also find them on Spotify
  2. Go follow me on instagram, Facebook, and twitter
  3. If you're a Texan and want to book a house show, let's do that soon, because it'll be much harder to do after the end of the year.
    Click here to contact me about a house show. 

I appreciate you guys! I also love to hear from you so feel free to holler at me if you have any thoughts, general comments, suggestions, love.



And just like that... Gravity is done. 

Well, not just like that. It took a lot of work. Most of it, I didn't even do myself. It was sent to mix on Thursday last week and I could not be more pleased and proud and excited. I was in Nashville last week putting the last little bit of "oops" and "aaahs" on a couple tunes and listening back to everything to make sure all was as it should be. 

It is. It's better than it should be. Maybe that's just the "glass half empty" in me. When I started this process, half expecting that it wasn't going to actually happen, I had songs and maybe half a vision. I knew I wanted to execute what was in my head and in my heart, but couldn't really put into words what that looked like. 

That's what producers are for. Kenny took a conversation, a handful of songs, my thoughts about what I wanted this album to be and then helped me make it a reality. My vision is now a 6-song EP chalk full of guts and grit. 

 I know I've mentioned this at least a thousand times, but Gravity is not a worship album. It's not particularly a happy one and that is intentional. I want to make music about the real life stuff. Maybe the stuff people don't necessarily want to talk about. The hard stuff. The stuff you only share with your inner-circle people. Why? Because I'm tired of hearing about people walking through stuff alone, feeling like they're alone, like no one could understand. It's not true. Keeping it a secret isn't brave. 

Gravity quickly morphed into a concept album telling the story about a relationship in the process of crumbling. Humans are relational people so its easy to tell and understand stories about relationships. It could be about anything really. Recognizing something is slipping from your fingers, losing it, giving up, moving on, then deciding to fight. Anything worth keeping is worth fighting for. Fighting HARD. Isn't that what life is? Figure out what's important to you, what makes you better, what makes you you and fight for it. 

That's what this project is to me. I spent a lot of time letting other things/people influence what should be important to me and putting the things that really mattered on the back burner. I'm fighting because I'm not quite me, certainly not my best me, when I am not writing and singing and using my gifts. 

I'm rambling. So much so that I forgot where I was going with all this. If you made it this far, bravo. You'll probably most enjoy the songs coming for you. Ha! 

Release date coming soon. 



It has been almost two months since we spent a few days recording for this album. It feels like a lifetime ago, though. I've heard snippets, edits, and some of the pieces as they were added, but not everything yet. I am so excited and anxious and ready to get this out there. You have no idea. 

Obviously, there are elements of what I've done in the past, but this is so different and bigger and raw. Hearing it gives me a similar feeling as the one I had after I saw Wonder Woman (c'mon girls, you know what I'm talking about)- shoulders rolled back and chest puffed out and ready to take on the world. I'm proud, beyond proud, of this music. Proud of the artistry that went into it, the people who have busted their butts to help me make it. SO MUCH PRIDE!! 

I'll be getting started on all the Kickstarter incentives in the next week for those of who you helped make this album happen. I'll keep you updated on when the release date will be when I know more. All you North Dallas locals, keep your eyes peeled for the release show date! 

Thanks for all the love and all the support and all the "I'm so glad you're doing this". 


Let the games begin!

It's HERE! Not the Hunger Games, thank goodness. 

I arrived in Nashville last night and after a yummy Mother's Day breakfast, recording has begun! 

The next few days will be a whirlwind as we piece together instruments and layers and all the goods that bring songs to life. I'm so honored to be working with incredibly talented musicians/artists/do-it-alls. I'm also super grateful for my parents who are holding down the fort with my kiddo. They're making this week happen for me! 

If you don't follow me on social media, I'll be posting photos/videos/updates/insight into how this is going. Follow me there (social media links are at the bottom of this page) and keep up with how things are going here in the Volunteer State (Confession: I had to look up why it's called that.). Also, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for updates/live performances, etc. 

Can't wait to share more with you!

Ugly stuff & sweet stuff

Two weeks and recording for GRAVITY commences. TWO weeks. It still feels surreal. Honestly, I go back and forth between doubt that I have something that anybody wants to hear and feeling empowered to share on a nitty-gritty level in a way this album does.

There just isn't enough authenticity anymore. Social media helps us put on a pretty, put-together, perfect face that just isn't real. Sometimes real sucks (I've seen it all in the last week- chronic illness, divorce, loss, disaster. You name it.) but if we only are given or give the opportunity to connect with people on the surface pretty stuff then what a lonely existence that is. Right? Because then the joy that comes with making it out on the other side alive isn't as sweet when no one knows the journey it took to get you there. 

That's the duality of life - the ugly, hard stuff makes the beautiful, sweet stuff even more so. 

Anyway, can't wait to share about some ugly stuff via good sounds with you. HAHA! :) 

- JH


Photo by Hannah Higgins Photography


The last 30 days have been a whirlwind. I roller-coastered (I'm making up words now) from confident that it was going to happen to anxious that I was wasting everybody's time, including my own. Yet, here we are having met the goal with days to spare and a little extra at the end. I'm so grateful. 

There will be a lot happening on the planning side starting today - getting everything scheduled and mapped out may take a little time because there are so many moving parts, but I promise to keep you updated. Make sure you've signed up for my newsletter (I promise not to blow up your in-box!) so you can be informed on what's going on. 

I'll probably thank you all a million more times before Gravity is finished. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!